Logitech Touch Mouse Server

Logitech Touch Mouse Server for Windows

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  • Version: 1.0

Control your PC with your iPhone or iPod Touch

Since you can just about anything with an iPhone or iPod Touch nowadays, why not control your PC with one?

Logitech Touch Mouse Server allows you to control a PC with your iPhone or iPod Touch. The Logitech Touch Mouse Server sits in your PC menu bar and provides status updates when your iPhone is and isn't connected. Just connect your iPhone to the server and it activates the phone as the main controller for your machine.

Note that you need to download the Logitech Touch Mouse App server for your iPhone or iPod touch from the Apple store first. When you run the Touch Mouse app on your iPhone or iPod touch, simply select the computer you want to control from the list that appears. The server icon will change to when your iPhone or iPod touch connects to the Touch Mouse Server.

It might seem pointless now but you never know when your iPhone or iPod Touch might be useful for controlling your PC.


  • Simple to setup and use
  • Supports iPhone and iPod Touch


  • Requires Logitech Touch Mouse App from Apple store

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Logitech Touch Mouse Server


Logitech Touch Mouse Server 1.0 for Windows

User reviews about Logitech Touch Mouse Server

  • by Anonymous

    If you have Windows 7 and are using an iTouch, it will not connect.. If you have Windows 7, good luck trying to get this to connect. I More

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